Caleb’s Kola

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This year we had the pleasure of working with the founders of Caleb’s Kola on promoting their craft cola on different sized chalkboards and walls of restaurants and cafés. They wanted to tell a clear message as to what their product was made of.

During our first meeting we discussed how their brand story could be incorporated in the design using the ingredients as key items surrounding the custom bottle they designed.

We also focused on using the taglines ‘Started in Brooklyn’ and ‘Discover The True Taste Of Kola’ as big impact lettering in line with their brand identity fonts.


With over ten locations with each different sized walls and chalkboards, keeping it consistent was perhaps the biggest challenge in design, so we decided to make an Illustration Pack, where each illustration was drawn as a single item, without shadows, so we could place and scale them around the bottle design, without the shadows running from left to right on one side of the wall and on the other side the other way around. This created a top view pack, which was sometimes deliberately broken by adding a highly detailed perspective illustration like the Brooklyn Bridge.

We also scaled the logo on the bottle to a bigger size, so it would also be readable at a greater distance.

Because not every wall was painted black, we made several different designs where the colours where reversed, keeping in mind that the illustration would still be ‘readable’.

We had a great time working on all these different locations, and I’m glad to have played a role in telling their brand story.

Q-Port Amsterdam vegetable mural

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This mural, out of all the murals we have made over the years, is one of our favourites. It not only shows 27 detailed vegetables, it has a certain zen feeling which compliments the room.

When Volker Ulrich, the architect of this beautiful modern building contacted us, he wanted something modern: a circle filled with vegetables and fruit. He send us the building plans of the dining area and a rough sketch, with some stock photo line art illustrations on it.


The idea of showing ingredients instead of the end product like a pasta dish or pizza really excited us to work together on this mural and deliver something unique.

Step 1. The Foundation
We like to compare our projects with building a house. We wrote down everything that came to mind after the initial briefing. These keywords all had to do with vegetables that where the main ingredients for dishes throughout the year, so not only summer vegetables, but also pumpkin, corn and beetroot. By the end we had a list of over 50 ingredients that well captured every season.

During this phase, we also thought about the layout of the circle, it had to be ‘readable’ from a large distance. So not every illustration had to be to scale.



Step 2. The first walls
Once we had an idea of the direction, it was time to draw. Every item was roughly sketched and presented in the form of a proposal, with a technical drawing to scale. This set the direction of the story we were going to tell. We finalised the illustrations to detail to make them look natural, organically and a bit more 3D then the first line art briefing. This gave it a strong sense of peace, like a zen circle. We also arranged them not to leave any big black gaps in between them.


Step 3. Development
The final stage of any house, just before living in it, is the development. Here we used permanent paint markers so the wall could be cleaned easily and would not be washed away.

We are proud how this mural turned out and look forward to working with architects again.



Jacobs Douwe Egberts

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De Oude Bieb (The Old Library) in Zeewolde gets her name from the many second hand books they have and the old purpose of the location. In collaboration with Jacobs Douwe Egberts we designed the chalkboard behind the counter where they serve the best coffee and fresh apple pie. The chalkboard contains all kinds of quotes, the logo’s of Douwe Egberts and Pickwick and coffee and tea illustrations to give it a personal touch.


Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Location: De Oude Bieb, Zeewolde
Photogaphy: Vera Bos


Royal Talens

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Gerwin, brandmanager for Royal Talens invited us to come up with an idea to illustrate their heritage of creative products for a booth at Creative World in Frankfurt, Germany.
We filled a large wall with all kinds of vintage labels, a quote and represented logo’s and used the design for coffee cups and paper bags.




The Flavour Company

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Eric & Martijn, two young aspiring entrepreneurs from Nijmegen where looking for an update of their branding and packaging of sample flavour packs.
We provided them with a range of different sleeves for the custom boxes they already had. The nine whiskey, rum, gin and cognac boxes each came with a different booklet, 26 different illustration where hand drawn for each label and on top of that we came up with a new logo and typography to match the story.








“There is so much choice in whiskey’s. It’s almost impossible to taste them all and to discover what you like the most. Start at the beginning. With these Starters Pack’s you will taste and discover the most common whisky’s: bourbon, blend and single malt.”








Hoi Anh – Vietnamese streetfood

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You can buy anything these days at the school campus in Utrecht, even Vietnamese streetfood made by a very enthausiastic owner.
This 20 meter long border around the open kitchen was filled with typical Vietnam illustrations and some easy to read lettering.

Every project is presented the same way, all drawings are made by hand and presented to you at scale and a mockup on a photo, so you know exactly what it will look like at the location.






Bottles & Booze, Utrecht

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Old labels from whiskey, beer and other liquor inspired us to come up with a plan to fill this backdrop wall in this vintage liquor store in Utrecht.
Krijtbord Bottles and Booze - Copyright Chalkboard copy

Typografie Bottles and Booze - Copyright Chalkboard


“We created three different fonts wich where used

to type all the provided quotes”



Typografie 2 Bottles and Booze - Copyright Chalkboard

Krijtbord uitvoering Bottles and Booze - Copyright Chalkboard copy

Krijtbord detail Bottles and Booze - Copyright Chalkboard copy


Theater de Flint, Amersfoort

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A restaurant called Trek, best translated as Hungry, set next to the vouyer in a modern theater in the town of Amerfoort. This 50 m2 chalkboard wall was a challenge, not only was it made out of different panels with gaps in between them, it was also painted with a semi-gloss paint.

We designed an almost mirrored wall so both sides of the bar would be identical with the same lettering and information. The typography came from old theater and movie posters from the period of Houdini and where all drawn in to diferent fonts.

Because of all the different panels we had to make a grid where everything was centered correctly and text wouldn’t get stuck in gaps. In the final steps we choose to add a nice glossy gold to it, to get that luxery feel.


Theater de Flint - Krijtbord 01 - Copyright Chalkboard (4)



Cinemastrid theater de flint font chalkboard viktor

Theater de Flint - Krijtbord 01 - Copyright Chalkboard Bouwtekening

Theater de Flint - Krijtbord 01 - Copyright Chalkboard (2)

Theater de Flint - Krijtbord 01 - Copyright Chalkboard (3)

Theater de Flint - Krijtbord 01 - Copyright Chalkboard (5)