Interview with Type Foundry Studio Sun

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As a designer it’s always great to find good quality fonts that can be used for different kind of projects. Fonts that not only look good in large sizes on a poster, but also have different weights for plain text and can be combined easily with other fonts. One of the fonts I found recently is Florent, it has 21 different weights, and was designed by 23 year old, inspiring typeface designer Cahya Sofyan from Studio Sun.

I spoke to Sofyan on Instagram DM. For the last couple of years he has created some of the most beautiful vintage font families like Intensa, Matrice and Florent. His dedicated hard work gives you the possibilities to pair your fonts upfront with his carefully selected font families. I really like these extended fonts because of their vintage feel, their different weights and they have every single glyph you will ever need.



Instagram DM interview

@viktorbaltus: Hello @studio___sun, how are you?
Can you introduce yourself to people who don’t know you?

@studio___sun: Studio Sun is an independent digital type foundry, designing and distributing high quality and original fonts. Focused on display fonts and some vintage vibes.


@viktorbaltus: That sound a lot like a statement, who’s behind Studio Sun?

@studio___sun: My name is Cahya Sofyan, I’m 23 years old and I live in Bali, Indonesia. In 2014 I created the free rounded sans serif ‘Synthesia’, it was my first experience with designing typefaces. In 2016-2017 I work with Gilang Purnama, better known as Spencer & Sons and released the ‘Nickson font family‘ & ‘Greyhood font family‘ in the end of 2017 I started my own new foundry, Studio Sun.


@viktorbaltus: Where does your interest in fonts come from?

@studio___sun: I was influenced by the vintage bill head designs, they have an impressive typography display. Since college I have collected bill heads from all around the world, but mostly from the US.


@viktorbaltus: What are some of the key features of your typefaces?

@studio___sun: This might be the same as other typefaces, perfect notes on each letter, providing many weights size, and extended Latin languages.



@viktorbaltus: What are your favorite typefaces?

@studio___sun: Bookmania and Proxima Nove by Mark Simonson and I love all the works made by Oh No type foundry.


@viktorbaltus: What’s your process like when designing a typeface?

@studio___sun: It all starts with research, market, target audience, distribution, sketching the first ideas, creating a value on the typeface; like the ‘open type features, extended languages, Cyrillic, Greek. This usually takes 3 to 6 weeks, the digital finalization between 10 to 16 weeks and the poster and type specimen 3 weeks.


@viktorbaltus: What software do you use for creating your fonts?

@studio___sun: I use Fontlab Studio.


@viktorbaltus: Your fonts all come in families with multiple fonts, how do you choose the family members?

@studio___sun: They all come from the result of the research, with all the data in mind and what the target audience needs I select my styles. For Intensa Family I have create a script font, which it still relevant to the family because of it’s shape, weights, and anatomy.



@viktorbaltus: You talk about your target audience, who are they? Do they change?

@studio___sun: Yes of course, each typeface has its own target audience. Intensa Font Family for instance was created for designers who are interested in automobile / sport.


@viktorbaltus: In contrast to a wordmark or a logo you have to draw each letter.
Do you have favourite letters to start with?

@studio___sun: I always start with the letters ‘S’ & ‘R’ with regular weight. Those will get the gestures, width, and anatomy of the typeface.

@viktorbaltus: Last but not least. What is your goal for 2019?

@studio___sun: Designing typefaces with extra languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese etc. And maybe I will travel the world to learn the languages.



For the last couple of years Studio Sun has created some of the most beautiful vintage font families like IntensaMatrice and Florent.
To get your these fonts go to Creative Market and buy them, your money is well spend.


Interview Studio Sun

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All images in this post are copyrighted by Studio Sun, uploaded with permission.