Caleb’s Kola

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This year we had the pleasure of working with the founders of Caleb’s Kola on promoting their craft cola on different sized chalkboards and walls of restaurants and cafés. They wanted to tell a clear message as to what their product was made of.

During our first meeting we discussed how their brand story could be incorporated in the design using the ingredients as key items surrounding the custom bottle they designed.

We also focused on using the taglines ‘Started in Brooklyn’ and ‘Discover The True Taste Of Kola’ as big impact lettering in line with their brand identity fonts.


With over ten locations with each different sized walls and chalkboards, keeping it consistent was perhaps the biggest challenge in design, so we decided to make an Illustration Pack, where each illustration was drawn as a single item, without shadows, so we could place and scale them around the bottle design, without the shadows running from left to right on one side of the wall and on the other side the other way around. This created a top view pack, which was sometimes deliberately broken by adding a highly detailed perspective illustration like the Brooklyn Bridge.

We also scaled the logo on the bottle to a bigger size, so it would also be readable at a greater distance.

Because not every wall was painted black, we made several different designs where the colours where reversed, keeping in mind that the illustration would still be ‘readable’.

We had a great time working on all these different locations, and I’m glad to have played a role in telling their brand story.