Hi, we are Chalkboard. Our mission is to tell believable stories, in a way that incorporates the authentic heritage of real people and companies. We truly believe in the power of illustration and design and how it can elevate your brand story and win the hearts of others.

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, looking for timeless packaging or have another great idea. We love to meet up with you and help you create something beautiful together.

What started out as a one man job by Viktor in 2012, skyrocketed in the production of handmade chalkboards and custom lettering workshops for some of the biggest companies out there. Working with client like Douwe Egberts, Albert Heijn and Coffee Company we took the lead and raised the bar. Almost a year in production, the studio grew rapidly with Astrid, Nienke and Mayra taking on design, production and back office work. We now have a team of dedicated designers who can take up any project.


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What makes us so special?

We know, there are many designers out there who make great work. But who to choose? We can only say that we like to invest in you and your business, get to know you, commit and communicate with you in our straightforward typical Dutch way. Don’t fuzz about with fill out forms but rather pick up the phone and make your idea tangible. We also have a eagle eye for detail, period correct typography and finding gems in antique stores. Plus, our process is very clear and based on solid ground.




The Process

1. The Foundation

Telling a great story is like building a house. We love to start with a good cup of coffee and write down everything that comes to mind after meeting with you for the first time. Whether it’s a new company or a 60 year old one, it all comes down to putting words to paper. Telling us in an interactive conversation why and how you do what you do, and what makes you unique, allows us to get to know you better and build an even better house.

2. The first walls

After the foundation we can plant the first walls. These walls, in the form of a proposal with a moodboard, lettering and illustration style (and for projects with real walls a technical drawing to scale) set the direction of the story we are gonna tell. This process has two stages of feedback to ensure we are on the same path.

3. Development

When you finish a book, you know exactly what the main character has gone through, or what makes him or her unique in what they do. This final stage of the process is like that. We deliver you all the unique items that will elevate your brand story and win the hearts of others.


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